Alleged Unsafe Stair

Alleged Unsafe Stair

Alleged Unsafe Stair

Trip and Fall on a Stair in Commercial Loading Area

Fiebig Architecture was hired to determine if a stair run upon which a person tripped and fell was constructed in a code-compliant manner.


Stair runs and their associated elements (risers, treads, handrails, landings, etc.) are all regulated by the building codes. Upon measuring and documenting the subject stair run, Fiebig Architecture concluded the stairs were built in conformance with the applicable codes, and were not the cause of the person’s trip and fall.

Construction Defect

Intrusive testing of wall failure

Missing Void Forms

Expert Opinion Although the geotechnical report required 10-inch void forms under the concrete structural grade beams, no such voids were included in the architectural plan or actual construction. When non-compliant foundation drainage left the surrounding soils saturated, the resultant heaving pushed the grade beams from below. This pressure caused splitting of the concrete tilt-up walls…