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Securing the future with Milestone Building Inspections in Florida

If your condo is of a certain age, Florida statute requires a licensed architect or engineer to perform a structural integrity inspection – known as a Milestone Inspection – by the end of 2024. With hundreds of thousands of condominium buildings throughout the state, it may be a challenge to find an expert you can trust.

Not every architect or engineer has experience with forensic inspections, but the experts at Fiebig Architecture / Milestone Building Inspections have years of experience in Florida. If you choose us to perform your inspections, you can rest assured that your inspection will be performed by a professional that understands what to look for when evaluating your condominium building.

Due to high demand, Milestone Building Inspections is only able to guarantee inspections for a limited number of clients. Please contact us as soon as possible to inquire about our availability and to get your inspections scheduled.

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The Milestone Building Inspections Team

Milestone Building Inspections is a team of professional experts dedicated to providing structural integrity inspections – known as Milestone Inspections – on condominium buildings in Florida.

Our licensed architects and engineers have real-world experience performing forensic inspections. We will perform a detailed inspection of your condo building and provide the reports you need to comply with Florida law.

Phases of the Inspection

Milestone Building Inspections provides Phase 1 and Phase 2 Milestone Inspections.

Phase One Milestone Inspections

Phase One of the Milestone Inspection involves a visual examination of the major structural components of a condo building by a licensed architect or engineer authorized to practice in the state of Florida. The licensed professional is required to provide a report on the condition of the building’s structural integrity.

Phase Two Milestone Inspections

If any substantial structural deterioration is observed in Phase One, a Phase Two inspection will need to be performed. This may involve destructive testing at the direction of the inspector to get a more comprehensive view of the repairs that may be required for distressed or damaged portions of the condominium building. The inspector is also required to prepare and submit a report of the findings and recommendations.

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